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Related article: Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 13:21:17 -0800 From: Oregon Bear Subject: Closed For Christmas, Part 1This story contains graphic descriptions of adult gay male to male sex. If you are offended by this content, or it is illegal for you to read this, please leave this site. Closed for Christmas, Part 1 cp pthc paysite I pulled into the store on my way home, to pick up a few groceries before the holiday. I'd been stopping off at the store for the last several years, ever since I bought my place by the lake. I enjoyed the convenience of the store, but I'd also been enjoying the friendship of Jake, the owner. He was always friendly when I stopped by, poured me a mug of coffee and encouraged all pthc gallery me to stay awhile, and chew the fat a bit. In the winter, he always had the potbellied stove going, and he kept the coffee pot full, and not with the cheap stuff a lot of places used. He used real coffee, and ground the beans fresh every time he started a pot. I'm fussy about my coffee, and Jake's great coffee kept me stopping by. He was a handsome man, who wore a full beard and a handlebar moustache, his shirts always bulging from his strong, beefy shoulders and thick, hairy chest. His good looks always stirred my cock every time I came in, my mouth wanting a cup of his good coffee, and my cock thinking about something a bit more, well, satisfying. When I stopped by this morning for my traditional mug of coffee, Jake made it a point to invite me to stop by on my way pthc pedo sex bbs home. Several other customers were there, too, so he didn't have time to talk. It was already dark by the time I pulled in, with fotos pedo pthc skiffs of snow on the icy breeze coming off the mountains. The weather forecast was talking about a heavy snowfall tonight, and blizzard conditions for the next few days. The store lights were still on, but when I shut the door behind me, there was no sign of Jake. "Hello. Anyone here?" I called. "Back here, Brad. I'm behind the reefer. The darn compressor went out an hour ago, and I can't seem to get it running," Jake replied. I locked the door, flipped off the front lights, and the "open" sign, as it was past his closing time, anyway. I followed his deep voice, finding him on barbara guertin pthc his belly, half under the back of the walk-in cooler's compressor; his jeans slid half way down his muscular butt on ground level. He had been there a while, a scattering of tools on the floor. I got a good look at his nearly naked butt cheeks, their white, hard globes pthc daphne d52 dusted with curls of black hair. His shirt had ridden up almost to his arm pits, and I had a ring side view of his strong back muscles, rippling as he pulled on a wrench. The sight of all this hot, tempting skin made my cock twitch, my balls rising up a bit, as I felt an urge to run my hand all over his hot naked skin. "Hand me that pipe wrench, Brad," Jake said. imageboard pthc le meilleur "I think I've almost got it." My cock agreed, taking in the view of his half naked pthc tight burly torso. Jake was a big man, tower girl pthc yummy and we'd had some good conversations about our love lives. We'd gotten to know each other well enough that we were able to talk about our preferences for men, but we hadn't gotten any further than that. Jake was pretty quiet about his personal life, anyway. I'd thought about getting together with Jake, and perhaps that's part of the reason I stopped by tonight on my way home, this being the start of my Christmas holiday. I didn't think Jake had anywhere to go for the holiday, and I thought I'd at least invite him over for Christmas dinner. I had a turkey to roast, and it didn't make sense to cook it just for myself. "There, I think that's it. file bot pthc Done!" Jake announced. "Do me a favor and pull me out from under here." I grabbed Jake's jeans around his legs and gave a big tug. But, all I got for livedoor pthc my effort was a handful of cloth in my hands, as only his jeans came with me when I pulled. Now, his entire butt and most of his tree-trunk sized thighs were stripped. "Well, that wasn't' too successful, Brad," Jake chuckled. "Can you try it again?" I knelt down over his legs, intending to grab his around his waist and give another pull. But, my hands wandered up his legs, feeling the strong muscles and the downy curls of his hair, and ran my fingers over his strong butt cheeks, feeling their pthc teens warmth, their hardness. "Mmm, this feels good. I haven't had a good handful of ass for a long time," I said. "I wonder if there's something else here that needs to be fixed, before we're done with this project." I glimpsed Jake's thick ball sack, underneath the cleft of his butt, heavy balls in a large, hairy sack, just below the curve of his cheeks, the rosebud of his hole just peeking out every time he moved his hips, as Jake tried to wiggle himself out from under the cooler's motor. I reached kds pthc pics between pthc board trade his legs, caressing the hair on his ball sack, hefting the weight of his large balls in my fingers, feeling his balls rise a bit, feeling his 3d toon pthc heat. His manly, musty odor from his now opened crotch and hole filled my nostrils, stirring my cock, dampening my own hairy pits, as I imagined what I'd like to do with this strong bull between my laura pthc british legs. My cock gave me its answer, as it rose from its furry nest between my legs, pushing stiffly against the fabric of my jeans. Stripping Jake of his boots and the rest of his jeans around his ankles, I dropped my own pants around my ankles, and stripped off my shirt. My chest was rising faster, and my own arm pits were damp now, damp with my excitement, my fantasy of taking Jake now, on the floor of the store. I looked down at my prize, my file bot pthc mind whirring with my thoughts of pussy pthc what I wanted to do with my prize. Wandering down a nearby forum pthc aisle, I grabbed a couple of condoms, turned out the rest of the store lights, and came back to again gaze at this beefy, manly body prone on the floor, the toes trying to get a grip on the floor, to pull himself out. I pulled Jake a bit farther out into the room, and pulled his butt up towards my now hard cock, so that Jake was on his knees, his shoulders and head still wedged under the motor, pthc turkteen his cheeks now spread open before me, pthc thumbnails nearly ready for me to take him as my lover. I reached around his lean, hard waist, and grasped his cock with my fist, feeling his cock fill with his hot blood, feeling him grow to fill my fist, his thick shaft throbbing, as I ran my thumb around the rim of his uncut cockhead, feeling the velvet of his foreskin slide away from the helmet of his manhood, rubbing the first of his pre-cum ooze out of his piss slit. "Ooh, Brad, that feels real nice," Jake said. "But, I'd like to get out from under here, so I could play along with you." "Later, Jake. I like what I see now, and this will be just fine for me," I replied. brother and sister pthc "I think you'll like how I fix this motor. There are some tools I want to use to get you tuned up just right." I tore open a condom, and unfolded its wet rubber over my now hard cockhead and stiff shaft, until I was fully shrouded, fully ready to become one with this hairy bear lying helpless underneath me, waiting for me to take him for the first time. Running my other hand over Jake's warm shoulders and around to his hairy, sweaty chest, I found his broad nipples, feeling kds pthc pics their nubs, and the thick hair free pthc video clips that grew around his rules pthc nips, and pulled and teased them, until both his tits were hot in my hands, hard, eager. I ran my fingers through the thick curls on his chest, feeling the hot wetness of his horny sweat, sliding my fingers through the drops of musty sweat dripping from his armpits, soaking the bunched up cloth of his T shirt still covering his meaty shoulder muscles. I ran my fingertips, soaked with my lover's sweat, into my moustache, Jake's rich aroma filling my nostrils with his essence, stirring my cock to its hardest, raising the cum in my needy balls. I grabbed the tube of the silicon lubricant Jake had used lesbian pthc on the compressor, and pushed a large dollop of the goo around his pthc bbs zep hole, and new and pthc up into his chute, coating him thoroughly, his hot body quickly liquefying the lube, opening him up for my taking pthc imgbbs nudist of his ass. I pushed myself gently into his hole, feeling his eager, ready chute quickly clasp around the head of my cock, completely gripping me with his need, as I slid up into Jake, until my balls best pthc pay sites came to rest against his cheeks, against the fur of his thick, needy ball sack. As I entered Jake, he moaned loudly, encouraging me to bury myself balls deep into him. He gasped, as my cockhead slid over his prostate, his cock jerking with pleasure in my fist, as my cock filled him completely. Jake's thighs now clasped down against my own thighs, as I took my lover doggie style, the tender skin of his inner thighs pressed against my thighs, as my muscles tensed, finding my rhythm, as I pumped into Jake, stroking the length of his chute with my manhood. Jake's cock now hard in my hand, my fist quickly matched the rhythm of my hips, and Jake's thrusts of pthc streaming video his own hips as he thrust back against me, our ball sacks rubbing against each other on the down stroke of my pistoning. I could feel my sweat drip down from my armpits, running over my chest, and soaking my own eager, hard nipples, until drops of sweat were flung down onto my lover's bare back, young teen models pthc our combined lusty dark collection and pthc sweat filling the room all pthc gallery with our need, our desire pussy pthc to unite, our desire to shoot our cum again and again. As I thrust into Jake, I could hear his breath become ragged, heavy, and his muscles tensing underneath me. His stiff cock was hard in my hand, hot to the touch, and I began to feel his cum rise, and begin to course through his prostate, against my piston in his chute. pthc 8 I paused in my thrusting, to feel Jake cum, to feel pthc moderator his entire body rise to his climax. My cock vibrated with his gatherings of his cum, as he began to shoot his seed out to his hard cock. I moved my fist from his hard, pulsing cock, until just my little finger gripped his cock head, as I cupped kiddy fuck pthc my fingers to catch his load of hot cum. My finger slid firmly pthc valya file bot pthc against just his cockhead, setting off his trigger, unleashing his load, as he began to shoot strings of his pearly cum out of his cock, into my fingers, filling my hand with his juice, until he was fully drained. Jake panted beneath me, his back now wet with sweat, his damp butt cheeks pressed against my furry groin, our balls enmeshed with the sweat of our exertions. The room filled with his gasps, and our lusty sweat. I thrust again into magazine fashion pthc Jake, and then again, feeling the hotness of his flesh, and his strong grip of his chute against my shaft, my thrustings pushing out yet more cum through his cock and into my hand, now filled to the brim with his juice. Feeling that his cock was now pthc daphne d52 fully drained, I ran my little finger once again around the rim of his cockhead, Jake moaning softly as I took the last of his juice into girl pthc wedding my littlegirl pthc hand. Then, I took my cum filled hand, and began to smear Jake's load all over his hairy, sweaty, still heaving chest, drenching his coarse, curly hair, soaking his hard, stiff nipples, and filling the air with his strong, male stink of fresh, hot cum, until my hand was free of Jake's big load. I wiped my cum soaked hand dry on his butt cheek, and, gripping his waist with both of my hands, I resumed my dance of lust inside of Jake's ass, my cock again slipping back for free pthc pics and forth in his tight chute. Jake thrust back at me with every piston stroke I made into him, and I soon reached my own climax, my chest and arm pits now drenched with my own horny sweat, until I, too, boiled over the point of no return, and filled Jake's ass with my load, electricity filling me, every nerve focused on the spurts of cum shooting through my cock, until I could move no more, finally satisfied. Freeing Jake, finally, I rolled him over and held him in my now sweaty, aching arms, my cock now slowly slipping out of the condom, my cockroot hair soaked with my juices and our combined sweat from our hairy, now satiated groins. I leaned into Jake's cum-soaked furry chest, his fresh cum smell filling the air with its spicy scent, mixing with the hot fresh sweat from our chests and pits, as we both cooled off from our frenzied coupling. "That was nice, Brad, how you helped me with that that twist of my nut, getting all the pipes connected and cleaned out like that," Jake laughed, his beard split by his wide smile, as he hugged me tight with his big, muscular arms, holding me tight to his wet, furry chest. "Well, I pride myself on my ability to use my tools well," I replied, reaching over with my hand to tweak his nipple. "Now that you broke me in with your tool, I should be a proper host and ask you to stay for dinner," Jake said, his hand grabbing my bare butt cheek, his finger running up and down my crack, finding my hole, and rubbing his nail around my rim. "You ozw pthc keep that up, and I'll be wanting a lot more than dinner," I chuckled.Copyright 2008 Oregon Bear
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